Steps to Start Your Business


Economic Development Support

Prince William County is here to help take your business beyond.

一定要 check-in with the Department of Economic Development for connections to business resources, assistance and opportunities. 让我们知道您的项目,以获得量身定制的指导,如何在mg冰球突破豪华版试玩网站发展您的业务.

If you get stuck along the way – always feel free to contact us at


Business Location Search

mg冰球突破豪华版试玩网站的房地产为小型和大型企业提供了多种选择. If you are looking to start or expand a small business, just check-in with Prince William County Department of Economic Development and we can provide you with custom, current, and complete real estate options and solutions.

TIP: Before purchasing or signing a lease, 确定所选物业的现有条件,以及这些条件如何影响您的业务类型. 联系 Prince William County’s Department of Development Services 在DDS@pwc政府.org to determine how it may impact your business opening.


如果你是一个家庭为基础的企业寻求一个专业的工作环境或公司需要小的办公空间, a coworking facility may be the right solution for you.

Brickyard (Woodbridge) is a co-working office facility with Flex and Dedicated desks, small private offices, and conference rooms of varying sizes. Virtual memberships are also available if you need a business address.


Business Counseling, Education and Funding

Business Counseling

Our team of experienced Mason SBDC counselors are here to help you plan, start, manage and grow your business. Receive cost-free expert guidance on topics such as:

  • Business Strategy
  • 融资
  • Government Contracting
  • 市场营销
  • 销售

Register online at to schedule your first one-on-one business counseling session. If you are already registered, contact the counseling team at 703-261-4105 or to set up an appointment.

Educational Workshops

All are welcome to access the Mason SBDC workshops presented by subject matter experts on topics such as

  • 搜索引擎优化 & 社会销售
  • 法律 & 政府
  • Value Proposition Design
  • Government Contracting
  • Preparing Your Pitch


MAGIC, the Management and Government Information Center has specialized staff and resources to assist businesses and nonprofits, to retrieve industry information, seek grant funding, and access laws and regulations.

简单的 submit your request to MAGIC at magic2@pwc政府.org or call 703-792-4880.


If your small business is engaged in scientific research and development, you may qualify for federal grants under the 小企业创新研究(SBIR)和小企业技术转移(STTR)项目. 这些计划鼓励小型公司进行科学研究,帮助实现联邦研究和发展目标,如果成功,将具有很高的商业化潜力.

奖助金.政府 项目为联邦机构提供了一个共同的网站,以发布可自由支配的资助机会,并为受资助者找到并申请这些机会. 去助学金学习中心了解助学金的概况,并找到与你的工作相一致的联邦助学金.


Virginia 状态 Entity Filing, Taxes and Regulations

Business Registration – 访问 将您的商业实体作为有限责任公司(LLC)提交给弗吉尼亚州公司委员会, 公司, 伙伴关系, 等. 建议您咨询律师或税务专业人士,以确定最适合您预期业务活动的实体类型.

Licensed Professions and Occupations – 弗吉尼亚州专业和职业监管部(DPOR)监管从建筑师和承包商到美容师和职业摔跤手的职业和专业. If you believe your industry sector is regulated by the state, visit DPOR for a list of regulated professions and occupations.

Licensed Childcare – 弗吉尼亚州规定,为5到12个孩子提供照顾的家庭日间之家必须获得执照. To become a licensed day care provider visit the Virginia Department of Education.

Virginia 状态 Business Taxes – 检查一下 维吉尼亚州税 看看你的企业是否需要征收任何州税,如销售税、使用税和预扣税.

Home and Commercial Kitchen Business – Food establishments, including private homes, 生产, 过程, 包装或持有出售的食品受弗吉尼亚食品和饮料法及相关法规的约束. 联系 the Food Safety Experts of the Virginia Department of Health at FoodSafety@vdh.维吉尼亚州.政府 for the latest guidance and information on food safety.



An Employer Identification Number (EIN) is a Tax Identification Number assigned by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). 他们用这个号码来确定哪些纳税人需要营业税表格和个人税表格. 的 EIN allows businesses to file tax returns, apply for a business bank account, apply for a business loan, get certain permits or licenses, as well as reporting payroll, 联邦保险捐税法, 社会保障, and Medicare taxes. Companies like Amazon and Etsy will often require sellers to register with an EIN.




All businesses located in Prince William County, including home-based businesses, must comply with the County's Zoning Ordinance.

Home-Based Business – 如果你打算在家里创业,你必须首先向mg冰球突破豪华版试玩网站分区办公室申请. Here are the most common permits for home-based businesses:

  • 家庭就业证书(HEC):该单位的居民完全在独户独立住宅单位内进行的商业活动,该活动显然是附带的,并且是次要的,而不是作为住宅单位的主要用途. Home employment is more intense than home occupation and allows customers to come to the house.
  • 居留证(HOC):完全在一个住宅单位内由该单位的居民进行的商业活动. Employees of the business, other than the residents, are not allowed to work at the home where the business is conducted. 家庭雇佣没有家庭雇佣那么激烈,也没有顾客来家里.
  • 家庭日间院舍(HOC2)的家居职业证书:家庭日间院舍是一种附属用途的住宅单位,只在一天二十四小时的一部分时间内,为一(1)至十二(12)名十三岁以下的儿童提供照顾。, when at least one child receives care for compensation, exclusive of the provider's own children and any children who reside in the home. 的 term “family day home” is not intended to include babysitting services of a casual, irregular nature in or outside of the child’s own home. It is also not intended to include cooperative, reciprocal childcare by a group of parents in their respective residences.

联系 Prince William County’s Department of Zoning at or 703-792-7615 for more information and assistance.

Retail and Commercial Businesses – 本县希望协助您完成监管流程,以确保您的业务对社区/邻里产生积极影响, 是安全的, and opens as quickly as possible.

If you do not have experience in the 设计 and construction 过程, consider hiring a consultant, 架构师, 工程师, or contractor to act as your project manager. 项目经理通常负责协调和跟踪项目的整个过程:购买/租赁物业, 设计, 允许, construction and inspections. 缺乏项目管理将导致延迟和额外的成本,您作为企业所有者.

联系 Prince William County’s Department of Development Services at DDS@pwc政府.org to discuss with a project manager about the estimated project schedule and budget.

Don’t forget signage permits! Signs are subject to the Prince William County Zoning requirements and typically take up to 30 days for 过程ing review. For questions regarding Signs or other zoning approval requirements please send an email to or call 703-792-6830.

Food Trucks and Peddler Solicitor Vendors – Any person desiring to act as a peddler, 威廉王子郡的律师或流动小贩必须遵守威廉王子郡警察局的规定. For more information, please contact the Licensing Section at policedept@pwc政府.org or 703-792-4183.


County 营业执照 and Taxes

Prince William County 营业执照 – 只有预计年总收入(批发商家的采购)为500美元的企业,000或更多, and building trade contractors, are required to file. 然而, 位于该县的任何企业都可以申请并获得营业执照,并且鼓励这样做,因为该过程确保您符合该县的要求.

对于预计年总收入(批发商家的采购)少于500美元的企业,000, the license tax due is $0.00.

Business Tangible Property Tax – 每个企业必须每年提交一份有形个人财产申报表,声明按购买年度的财产成本价值摘要. 企业有形个人财产税是对所有一般办公家具和设备征收的, machinery and tools, equipment used for research and development, heavy construction equipment, computer equipment and peripherals located in the County

Food and Beverage Tax – 7月1日生效, 2022, 任何为顾客准备和提供食品和/或饮料的企业必须向县政府缴纳4%的食品和饮料税. Filing is due on or before the 20th of each month for taxes collected the previous month.

Taxpayer Services Representatives are available by email at TaxpayerServices@pwc政府.org and by phone at 703-792-6710.


劳动力 Development

与a连接 Virginia Career Works representative to help you address your workforce needs. Post job listings, search qualified candidates and analyze labor market information.

Virginia Employment Center (VEC) offers career assistance and employment opportunities for job seekers, employer services for businesses of all sizes, employment services for veterans, unemployment insurance benefits to eligible individuals, and other programs 设计ed to assist with employment.


Ribbon Cutting Celebration

We know that your priority is to get open quickly and cost effectively, and sometimes the grand opening planning is neglected. Our team is here to help lift the load by offering cost-free ribbon cutting events. mg冰球突破豪华版试玩网站部和威廉王子商会将为您的大喜之日管理活动后勤. 简单的 check-in with the Department of Economic Development to let us know about your upcoming business opening or expansion project.


Networking and 市场营销

做生意 with Prince William County – If you are interested in doing business with Prince William County, check out the Procurement Portal, which provides access to open solicitations, current County contracts and instructions for suppliers.

状态 and Federal Government Contracting – Virginia Procurement Technical Assistance Center (Virginia PTAC), an APEX Accelerator, provides one-on-one advice to help businesses with 政府ernment contracting at the Federal, 状态, 和地方一级.

For 状态 procurement and contracting opportunities, the Virginia Department of 小型企业 & Supplier Diversity (SBSD) provides certifications for Small, Woman-owned, and Minority-owned Businesses (SWaM), Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBE) and Service-Disabled Veteran-owned businesses (SDV).

Prince William Office of Tourism – 访问 PWC is the County's tourism initiative that provides a guide for places to eat, drink and explore here in the County. To get plugged in with local Tourism initiatives, simply check-in with the Department of Economic Development.

Prince William Chamber – Connect with business and community leaders from throughout the region, developing new customers and partnerships while sharing ideas and innovations at Chamber events and programs.

1 Million Cups Prince William – Weekly gathering for business owners to network and discuss entrepreneurial challenges. 每周三上午在马纳萨斯市(9071 Center St .)的Centerfuse加入这个点对点网络, 马纳萨斯)




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